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Adult Dog Group Class

4 Week Skills Class II

Introduction to trick work. Perfect for the very active dog.

About this class

Pave the way for Canine Good Citizen, GC, trick titles, therapy work, or agility.
Concentration on techniques such as clicker, targeting, shaping & luring.

Week 1 -Start with the basics that are needed for almost every trick. Increasing distance, duration, and distractions with the four basic obedience commands: sit, down, come and stay.
Week 2 – Introducing two basic novice tricks with a box – get in the box, sit in the box, and introducing hand signals for sit and down.
Week 3 – Introduce hand signals for stay and come. Touch command using hand, target stick, and lid. Spin in a circle. Push-ups doing sit, down, sit, down. Get on a low platform. Tunnel.
Week 4 – review eight prior tricks introduced and add jump over/through and paws up. Everyone can demonstrate what they have learned. I will go over the various AKC levels of trick titles if interested can test for the AKC Novice Trick Certificate.

For dogs over 10 months of age. 

Prerequisite: Basic Obedience Class, Puppy 101 Basic Manners, CGC Class, STAR Puppy, or Skills I

April 16, 2021 - May 14, 2021

Fridays from 6-7pm (Skips April 23rd)

All Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. If your dog reacts negatively toward other dogs or people or has severe behavior issues, these classes will not be a good fit. Contact Understanding Your Dog for private sessions, which will be the better option.

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