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Adult Dog Group Class

Backyard Agility & Skills Class

The number one dog sport where you and your dog become a team to complete an obstacle course

About this class

  • Week 1 – Overview of types of agility equipment – contact obstacles, tunnel, hurdles, weave poles, pause obstacle, and tire jump; warm-up exercise; ladder work; begin jumps
  • Week 2 – Importance of handling on both your left and right side; jump sequence; intro. To weave poles; intro. to the tunnel and wobble board
  • Week 3 – Review of prior equipment, add magic square as the pause table, increase number of weave poles, add tire jump
  • Week 4 – students run an agility course (off-leash in tennis court if available)

Prerequisite: For dogs over 10 months old

October 2, 2021 - October 30, 2021

Every Saturday from 9-10am


All Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. If your dog reacts negatively toward other dogs or people or has severe behavior issues, these classes will not be a good fit. Contact Understanding Your Dog for private sessions, which will be the better option.

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