One-on-One Training

We all want our dogs to be the best they can be: Happy, content, and balanced!

Here's how it works:

I am a trainer that loves to train people and their dogs.   I work with all types of dogs and all types of behavior issues.  My specialty is Rescues that are having a hard time adjusting to their environment.   I do not use any type of punishment measures.  I start with what motivates the dog and use those measures as a reward system and we go from there.

With One-on-One Private Training, you and your dog learn together at a pace you are comfortable with.

Personalized programs, flexible scheduling, and all in your home.

Together we work as a team to help your canine be balanced and well adjusted in the home.   After each session, you will receive in your instructions what we went over and the importance of practice what was learned.

My techniques are easy to understand and have shown to be successful with past clients and their dogs. I can customize training to fit your needs from basic or advanced training techniques to problem-solving specific behaviors.

Understanding our dogs is the 1st step and how to communicate with them is the 2nd step. No matter if you have a brand new puppy or a 10 yr. old mixed breed, all dogs can be taught what their role is in the house hold so they be content and happy dogs.

Basic Manners Session

A service that Understanding Your Dog offers is the training in which the handler is coached and the dog learns basic manners.

Puppy (up to 1 year) Manners Classes include the following:

  • 4 feet on the ground
  • Biting/Nipping
  • Housebreaking
  • Socialization
  • The Sit
  • The Down

Basic Adult Manners Sessions include:

  • Heal with Auto-Sit
  • Come
  • Down
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down-Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking

Problem Solving

A service that Understanding Your dog provides is helping address specific problem behaviors. Owners and their pets can solve problems such as the following:

  • Jumping
  • Excessive Barking
  • Aggression with other dogs
  • Pulling on a leash while walking
  • Food aggression
  • Charging the door
  • Fence charging with neighbor's dog


Understanding Your Dog’s mission is simple, help people and their dogs have the best relationship possible. Theresa Pitner, professional and certified dog trainer for Understanding Your Dog, accomplishes this by providing training that makes sense to humans so they can enjoy their relationship with their pet.