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Puppy/Small Breed Group Class

Puppy 101 First Socialization Class

Socializing your puppy is the key to ensuring you have a happy, confident, and well-adjusted dog.

About this class

Providing the first Socialization Class during your puppy’s first several months of their life will permanently shape their future personality and how they react to their environment as an adult dog. Gently exposing them to various people, places, and situations can make a huge, permanent difference in their temperament.

In Puppy 101, your pup will learn:

  • Basic Cues: Focus, Sit, Down, Stay
  • Body Language (Human & Dog)
  • Learn Impulse Control
  • The Pack Order—Structure & Leadership in the Home
  • Problem Prevention—Chewing, Barking & Jumping

Prerequisite: Recommended for dogs 12 months old and younger.

July 31 - August 21

Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30PM

$115 for 4-week series

All Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. If your dog reacts negatively toward other dogs or people or has severe behavior issues, these classes will not be a good fit. Contact Understanding Your Dog for private sessions, which will be the better option.

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