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Rescue Dog Workshop

An Interactive Seminar for Owners of Rescue Puppy or Dogs to provide the help you need, no matter how long ago you adopted your dog!

About this event

Rescue Dog Workshop – An interactive workshop that includes your dog.
Join us on the third Saturday of every month to discover how to transition your new dog or puppy into your family and make it a forever home.

Some of the Topics covered:
-Proper Socialization & Exposure
-Creating House Rules
-Introductions to Other Animals
-Body Language

Four Saturdays (no April seminar) 9:30AM -11:00AM:
-January 20th
-February 17th
-March 16th
-May 18th

Attend one, two, three, or all four sessions! $35/Seminar

January 20 - May 18

$35 per Seminar